Two Idiots Bring Two Shows to #EdFringe

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Nobody Likes you when you’re 33

Thom Bee & Andrew Marsh don’t know what to do now their 20s are over. They’re getting old, dammit. But they’re not going to worry about it, not now, because one thing still keeps this duo young. The angst-ridden world of pop-punk. Nobody Likes You When You’re 33 is a show that takes their favourite music, and distorts it through a new lens, focussing on all the small things, to how these two can be they’re own worst enemy, to the misery business that is aging. So you better make damn sure you join Thom & Andrew on this bizarre musical voyage.

August 2nd - 25th (not Wednesdays), 5pm, Sweet Novotel 2


(No) Money In The Bank

Back for a week long round two, the wrestling double act, Thom Bee and Andrew Marsh, return! Thom and Andrew are forming the first-ever comedy tag-team and are going to use all the elements of tag-team wrestling to explain the world of professional wrestling to the world. If you love wrestling, you’ll love their special wrestling guest. If you don’t care about wrestling, come along anyway and let this new double act change your mind. There’ll be jokes, characters, stories and maybe tables, ladders and chairs, depending on the budget.

August 12th - 18th (not Wednesday). 9pm, Sweet Grassmarket 2