Thom & Andrew go to Edinburgh: Viva Las Vegans

Well we’re at Fringe, but still no zines of our recommendations and articles from our lovely and talented mates, because money is a little tight. But we’re still going to smash them on here so that when they are sorted we’re good to go.

Today we’ve got a guest article from all round wholesome person Matt Hoss, and why he’s launched his chain of vegan comedy nights (which you can usually catch Thom on).

We're Going to Edinburgh!

We're Going to Edinburgh!

There comes a time in every comedian's life, where they must bite the bullet, and travel beyond the wall to flog their wares to the world. This is an arduous experience costing thousands of pounds, intense anxiety, and potentially permanent liver damage, but it must be done. I am of course talking about the annual Edinburgh Fringe, one of the biggest arts festivals in the world. Which we are absolutely stoked to be bringing (No) Money in the Bank to this year.