Albums We're Listening to While We Write This Goddamn Show

As is very obvious by now, we’re pop-punk nerds. We’re writing a bloody show about the genre and have created a fake band just for the occasion. We love a bit of angsty melodic punk. It only seems fair that we actually share the stuff we’ve been binge listening to whilst writing this weird beast of a show. So below are ten of our favourite albums (five from Thom, five from Andrew) that we’ve had over the speakers while we try to make comedy gold out of sad sack teenagers. Which if you want to see hoe the hell we pull that off, you can get Edinburgh tickets here.

TB-Stay Rad.jpg

Teenage Bottlerocket - Stay Rad (Andrew)
Teenage Bottlerocket are the aural equivalent of drinking a litre of coke and washing it down with a box of Nerds. Fast, fun & insanely catchy.
Favourite tracks - Everything to me, Stupid Song

DS - This Will Haunt Me.jpg

Dollar Signs – This Will Haunt Me (Thom)
Also fast, also catchy, and so very easy to relate to, with super-duper Jeff Rosenstock feels. I’m not saying that they write about the journey of up and coming comedians, but lyrics like “I’ll see you in hell, or I’ll see you at the open mic tonight!” or “I don’t wanna be 40, with the only way to express my feelings is through shitty four chord pop-punk songs!” sting us on our insides.
Favourite track – Tears / Beers / Fears

Martha - Love Keeps Kicking.jpg

Martha - Love Keeps Kicking (Andrew)
Northern Powerhouse with even more Northern Powerhouse-ness
Favourite track - Love Keeps Kicking

onsind - dissatisfactions.jpg

Onsind – Dissatisfactions (Thom)
Andrew beat me to the excellent shout that is the new Martha album (seriously, it’s exceptional), so let’s go back to how I got into Martha, the equally brilliant Onsind. This is a mighty strong album filled with fears, politics and really lovely folk lines. Wouldn’t recommend trying to cover them though, sounds like you’re mocking the accent.
Favourite Track – “Either He’s Dead or My Watch has Stopped”

AW - routine maintenance.jpg

Aaron West & the Roaring Twenties - Routine Maintenance (Andrew)
A series of musical vignettes chronicling one characters experiences with the despair, hope and joy of life. Please write & direct a movie Soupy. (Thom edit – or our next show!)
Favourite tracks – Runnin’ Toward the Light, Bloodied Up in a Bar Fight

MB - Miss it All.jpg

Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss it All (Thom)
This is probably my favourite album ever and about 90% of my contributions to the show were written with this in my ears. If it was up to me, this entire list would be Modern Baseball, and I know that’s cliché adult pop-punk fan mentality but tough luck! I like my music like I like my comedy, forcing me to contemplate my own mental health issues. I nearly pitched the title for Nobody Likes You When You’re 33 as “Just One More Distorted Sad Attempt at Humour From the Jagged Bleeding Tumour in our Throat!”, but we decided it was too niche.
Favourite track – Going To Bed Now


Saves the Day – 9 (Andrew)
9 Songs about being in Saves the Day, what’s not to like? Like a musical mini autobiography
Favourite Tracks - Saves the Day, 29 (epic album closer)

SA - Skinny Dipping.jpg

Stand Atlantic – Skinny Dipping (Thom)
Top to bottom this album just slaps. Stand Atlantic seem to take influences from all the catchy pop-punk we grew up on, and have evolved it into a fun, yet mature sound.
Favourite Track - Bullfrog

SLS - Schmaltz.jpg

Spanish Love Songs – Schmaltz (Andrew)
Rough, ready whilst also being endearingly fragile at times. Also Schmaltz sounds like a new Cadbury’s chocolate bar and who doesn’t love chocolate? Apart from dogs obviously.
Favourite Track - Buffalo Buffalo

JF - rock 2 the rhythm.jpg

Just Friends – Rock 2 the Rhythm (Thom)
Andrew saw Just Friends support Mom Jeans and insisted I listened to their new album (Nothing But Love, also a banger) because they manage to combine my love of ska and his love of punk in a way he can get on board with, and holy shit was he right! Rock 2 the Rhythm obviously comes earlier, but it’s a perfect album. Raw, angry, rough around the edges with fantastic brass lines. My dream album and they better come back to the UK soon.
Favourite Track – Welcome Mats