We're Going to Edinburgh!

 An accurate portrayal of fear, excitement and alchol dependancy. The tri-force of the fringe.

An accurate portrayal of fear, excitement and alchol dependancy. The tri-force of the fringe.

There comes a time in every comedian's life, where they must bite the bullet, and travel beyond the wall to flog their wares to the world. This is an arduous experience costing thousands of pounds, intense anxiety, and potentially permanent liver damage, but it must be done. I am of course talking about the annual Edinburgh Fringe, one of the biggest arts festivals in the world. Which we are absolutely stoked to be bringing (No) Money in the Bank to this year.

The fringe was always the main goal of this show, which is why this won't come as a surprise to anyone who has seen the "work in progress" previews, where we lark on about how much better it's going to be when we hit Scotland. That doesn't make it any less terrifying for us. This will be my fifth fringe, and Andrew's third, but it is still a first for us for a few reasons:

  1. It's our first fringe as a double act, and possibly our last if Andrew grows too weary of all the vegan food I'm going to make him eat.
  2. It's our first full run. The longest I've ever spent in the far north was two weeks and I came out having drank so much I could have gone blind. There's a good chance we're going to die.
  3. It's the first show we've done up there that you have to pay for. This is extra terrifying. It means the show has to be perfect because you see something crap for free (not that we're crap) you just tell people to steer clear. You pay for crap, you get angry.

As a quick side note, I'm dreading being chopped in the chest 24 days in a row, expect a bruise update montage, but this isn't a shared fear. Don't get me wrong, it's not like Andrew is Walter, but those things bloody hurt.

Regardless of all of this, this is one of the most exciting things happening for us right now, and it will be the pay off for months of hard work. We have plans for the show post-fringe, but a well-attended show is what we need to justify that. We also want to make as many wrestling buddies as possible, so this is like extremely expensive speed dating for pals. Everyone we've met who's come to see the show has been an utter delight, let's keep that rolling.

So, if you like wrestling, comedy and grown men clearly having breakdowns, come and see (No) Money in the Bank at the Edinburgh Fringe! Are you a Scottish based wrestling fan? Find us and we'll go to some shows.

You can buy tickets here, they're 7 quid and it's well worth it. We're performing at Sweet Venues, Novotel 2 at various times:
August 2nd - 12th - 13:35 (2 for 1 tickets August 6th & 7th)
August 13th - 20th - 12:00
August 20th - 26th - 19:20

Hope to see you there, and expect updates of our impending fear and excitement.