(No) Money for the Tour

Anyone who’s been paying attention to us on social media, or has had the privilege of speaking to a very tired, anxious me, will already know this. But we’re excited so we’re saying it anyway, we’re taking the show on the road! We are hella stoked.

Not only are we taking it out, we’ve also got some amazing…and some very weird venues. I’m personally most excited about the fact we’ll get to perform inside the legendary Resistance Gallery, inside an actual ring. We’re so pumped we’re getting that one filmed.

Now this is where you come in. This is all entirely self funded. There are three things most similar in performance; comedy, wrestling and punk, and what’s more punk that throwing all caution to the wind and taking yourself on the road? We don’t want to lose money, so if you can come, buy tickets in advance, tell everyone you know, make our ridiculous little idea from a year ago become something amazing. Dates are in the image below, and we’re still looking for more so if you want us in your town, local or living room, let us know!

Ticket links are here:
London - Resistance Gallery - http://bit.ly/NMitB-London 
Birmingham - The Victoria - http://bit.ly/NMitB-Birmingham …
Bristol - Exchange - http://bit.ly/NMitB-Bristol 
Glasgow - The Flying Duck - http://bit.ly/NMitB-Glasgow