About Us

How best to describe (No) Money in the Bank, otherwise known as Thom Bee & Andrew Marsh? Comedians, friends...absolute weirdos. The pair bonded at a show over their mutual love of wrestling, pop-punk and 90s sitcoms, and now all they do is create shows that reflect these mutual loves.

Thom & Andrew are currently in the midst of touring their debut show, (No) Money in the Bank (it’s somewhat of a self-titled album). This show is all about what happens when two poor adults try to educate the world on the joys of professional wrestling. With a highly successful Edinburgh run, the duo will be appearing across the UK for little to no money. They are also working on their second show, Nobody Likes You When You’re 33!

On this site you'll find all of the show information, brain farts, an entire blog of thoughts and think pieces on the topics that have made these two become such close friends.

The Tag Team


Thom Bee

Thom started out as circus performer, and after double knee surgery decided to beg for your love using a microphone instead. Thom has performed all around the UK, as well as Berlin, and can usually be found doing stand-up or compering circus events.

The best way to describe his style of stand-up would be "nerdy, pop-culture heavy, and bloody funny."

Andrew Marsh

One of the few great weirdos of the Leeds and Manchester comedy scene, Andrew is an absolute delight to watch.

Usually seen drinking wine, spouting nonsensical poetry, quoting pop-punk or watching Friends whilst doing all of the above.